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How To Shop on Instagram & Facebook

Town & Key has partnered with Shopify, to bring you a secure service that makes it super easy for our Instagram and Facebook Townies to purchase from us instantaneously. It’s a virtual storefront that allows you to get what you want at the moment you want it. No more trips to the mall, no more waiting in long lines and dealing with sales associates who don’t have the answers.

Shopping Social Media


See something you like? You can comment “Sold”, then click the link in the post and you are taken directly to the item. You can select your size and it to the cart and check out in just a few easy steps!  Zero hassle, totally convenient, and turn-key. Your information remains private and you get the benefits of fast online shopping with an incredible user experience.


With SHOPPABLE POSTS you can easily click the item in the picture you want. It will take you directly to the item, where you can choose, size, color etc. and securely check out.


Have a Style Question?

Here is the cool part! Most of our Townies have simple questions regarding sizing, color, and style. These questions are often answered right there on the comment thread under the item you are buying. Our dynamic way to shop shows you the goods, answers your questions on the spot, you get to listen to what other Townies think, and your shopping time turned into seconds, rather than hours.

Get Started with Town & Key Today!

Shop online or visit us on our social sites! When you shop with us you have access to your very own personal stylist and you get what you want, when you want it.


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