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Meet Kim & Jenn

Kim Johnson

Co-Founder, Owner of Town & Key Kim has always pushed the limits with fashion. This internal confidence is something she has passed down to her precious Townies since day one. Known to enter a room and make a bold statement with what she is wearing, her motto is simply — to “OWN” it. She has a taste for champagne style clothing, and understands the importance that quality, a good price point, and style play in piecing together the perfect outfit. Whether you are petite, full-figured, college aged or a business professional, Kim always has you in the back of her mind when looking for the perfect find.

Before Town & Key

Prior to Co-Founding Town & Key, Kim worked for one of the nation’s top professional golfers, where she was surrounded by style on a daily basis. During this time period, she managed the schedules, appearances, and media relations for this well-regarded sports figure. This taught her priceless business and time management skills, and an exceptional flair for customer service. She values every single one of her Townies and strives daily to make their shopping experience one-of-a-kind. Kim and her husband, Justin, have 2 beautiful daughters.

Jennifer Shaff

Co-Founder, Owner of Town & Key


Jenn has always had an eye for fashion. She is a master at incorporating a diverse pallet of darker and neutral tones into a powerful, signature look. Her sense of style is sensual and enduring, and our Townies love it. With family in the entertainment industry and growing up around bold and confident entertainers she has been around fashion most of her life. Her motto is to “Wear what makes you feel confident and beautiful.” She understands that just one style alone may not please everyone, so she is on the constant hunt to mix it up and meet the diverse needs of her Townies.

Before Town & Key

Prior to Co-Founding Town & Key, Jenn worked in the retail industry since she was 15 in various roles such as sales, merchandising and buying, styling as well as amateur photography most of her adult life. This combination of imagery and exposure to retail has provided her with a unique vision and eye for creating some of the perfect combinations for our Townies. As a child, Jenn spent countless hours going with her grandmother to the LA market to shop for items for her Beverly Hills private clients. These priceless experiences gave Jenn a profound appreciation for fashion and style, as well as how to run a business with tenacity and grace. Jenn and her husband, Lou, have 2 fantastic boys.    


                                       BEING YOURSELF IS THE KEY!