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How it all began

Town & Key (Formerly Townhouse Boutique) was founded in 2013 by Kimberly Johnson and Jennifer Shaff -

two friends who share an equal love for friendship, laughter, and fashion 


The Origination of Town & Key

The concept of Town & Key originated when Townhouse, a cozy, stylish North Dallas bar and restaurant, closed its doors in the summer of 2012. Townhouse was frequented regularly by Kim, Jenn, and their close friends. Long afternoons were spent here sipping chilled Champagne and sharing laughter, followed by countless hours of shopping. When Kim and Jenn learned that Townhouse was no longer in business, their unique vision to start their own boutique shopping company was born.

Priceless Spirit

The most important aspect of those long shopping days was the excitement of spending the day with friends, surrounded by endless camaraderie. Each girl brought their own unique style. The day was full of support for each other, providing inspiration and appreciation for finding the “perfect find” and the best bargain. Town & Key represents the reminder of what those days represented — girl time, treasured finds, a priceless spirit, and excitement of what was waiting around the corner.

We Welcome You

Today, we are thrilled and honored to bring this passion directly into the lives of countless women — our invaluable customers — who represent all ages and walks of life. Whether you are shopping on our website, or you catch us on Instagram or Facebook, we are certain you will find something that puts a smile on your face. One-of-a-kind finds that will truly warm your heart. We welcome you to the Town & Key family, where once a Townie, always a Townie.